Current Officers 2017:

  • Immediate Past President: dustin demoss, d.o.

  • president: brian j Dixon, M.D.

  • Vice-President: dustin demoss, d.o.

  • Treasurer: nekesha oliphant, m.d.

  • Secretary: douglas Segars, D.O.

  • Executive Council: Scott Winter                                                        

  • Ethics Representative: cheryl hurd, m.d.

  • Fellowship Representative: joseph burkett M.D.

  • Child/Adolescent Representative: open

  • Public Mental Health and Forensic representative: open

  • Resident Representative: pending


Representative to Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians, State of Texas:

  • Fellowship Committee: Debra Atkisson

  • Ethics Committee: Marie Kelly, M.D.

  • Executive Council: daniel goggin, m.d.

  • Child Psychiatry: Carol Nati, M.D.

  • Public Mental Health: Joseph Burkett, M.D.


Past Presidents:

  • James Malone, M. D.,

  • Murray Skaggs, M. D.,

  • Bob Coffey, M. D.,

  • Virgil Cox, Jr., M. D.,

  • Hans Stroo, M. D.,

  • Harold Eudaly, M. D.,

  • Valerie Robinson, M. D.,

  • Edward S. Furber, M. D.,

  • Basheer Ahmed, M. D., 

  • Herbert Rush, M. D., 

  • Scott Winter, M. D.,

  • Marie Kelly, M.D.,

  • Debra Atkisson, M.D.,

  • Dan Goggin, M. D.,

  • Gary Etter, M. D.,

  • Ross Tatum, M. D.,

  • Joseph Burkett, M. D.,

  • Cheryl Hurd, M. D.,

  • Jordan Yee, M. D.

  • doug Segars, d. o.,

  • Dustin DeMoss, D. O.

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